New Beginnings and New Life!

It's been an amazing ride so far as Director of Performing Arts at Covenant Preparatory Christian Academy. Now in the middle of our second year, we are moving forward with grace.  We have established a Music Technology and Music Appreciation class that have proven to peak the interest of our students.

Full Sail graduate, Raphael Polk is grooming some very talented future producers...and a new generation of house heads are forming before my eyes... We have covered a few eras and genres this year but for some reason we are well emerged in the subject of house music. ;) 

Thank you to my colleagues who have selflessly given of their time and experience; blessing the students with pearls of knowledge and priceless first hand stories. Rick Shephard of the Drifters, Troy Patterson and Dave Shaw you are my hero's...

Looking forward to all that God has for me along this exciting leg of my musical journey.   

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