Happy Holidays and a Year End Thank You

It has been something of a year indeed. But, I have no complaints. Mostly, I would like to say thank you to everyone that sent Happy Birthday greetings on all of the social media platforms. I have not even been able to see all of them, as I have been busy doing finals... Yes, as in college finals. I am a student again. After all these years I have decided to get a degree in Art. One day I would like to sell my art along with my music. Randy Muller challenged me to make paintings for all my songs so, I am happily at it...... 

Discorama and Positive Power radio shows have aired two beautiful interviews, I will post the podcasts here soon. I want the thank Mario and Paula for asking me to share on their platforms...

And I will forever be grateful to all the family at GlitterBox and Defected for the year end chart position of #8 "Strength" for Soul/Funk & Disco's Top 200 on Traxsource,

I think it is so important for us to document our input in this thing called House. In the beginning we gave the people hope in the early days of AIDS. Then we brought the world together through our music, and a DJ very well may have saved a life. Now the world needs healing and house music is still here and up to the task. I am asking God to use me once again and pray that 2021 will bring new music to heal the souls of our nation and the world.

May you all have a safe and satisfying Holiday!

Peace & Love,



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