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"Wish List"
It may sound kind of crazy but at the same time it is very serious,
not only for me but for many Recording Artists that you know and love....

1.   I wish my friends and fans would buy my music directly from me. Moreover, I wish that you the public would be incline to support your favorite artist directly first before going to ITunes and other sources...Mainly because I have never been paid a royalty check from any online sales or record/cd sales in the past 30+ years...with the exception of a few $1.48 checks that may have trickled in once or twice. (The amount depicted may be off by a few cents)  To be fair I do collect on some publishing but not *performance...(*recorded vocal performances that you hear on the radio, internet etc....) :/   

What with technology and the innovative re-branding of the music industry in the recent past...the playing field has leveled. But, most of us (artist and the public) have not all been equipped to keep up and take full advantage of the tools available to us. Most still believe that somehow the artist must be making money if they are "All Over The Internet" Sooooo not true...The reality is we depend mostly on your direct support; be it purchasing Downloads/CD's or attending/booking our Live Performances.  (back in the day all it took was to buy a record and the pennies added up mostly for the label but in a major way...not any more) and even then the artist was still being slighted......just saying...We Are On Our Own And We Need You To Support Us Direct!

2.   Office Supplies...ie... Staples, Scotch Tape, HP Officejet 6600 Ink (black/color), Folders (email me for the address to ship supplies) hardings4u@aol.com Thank you so much for your support.

3.   I wish for a new computer, Can't hurt to wish :)
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